With most industries becoming digitalized, AI and machine learning are being used to optimize and automate business processes and enhance business potential using high volumes of data insights.

Waai tek business solutions can add immense value to and accelerate businesses in these industries:

Retail Stores

Retail stores with smart technology can use AI to create a seamless and memorable shopping experience in a physical store, often bridging the gap between online and offline shopping.

From smooth payment processes to predicting customer behaviours, Waai Tek AI solution can help global retailers in designing solutions that integrate digital signage, augmented reality, interactive shelves, seamless payment, and  more to creating exceptional customer experiences.

Our Retail solutions can help you to:
  • Know your customers better.
  • Respond to business and customer needs faster and more efficiently.
  • Gain in-depth information about your customers, as well as employee activity within the store.

You can unlock actionable insights through our solution’s management dashboards to gain access to marketing, sales, customer experience and employee satisfaction information. This information can include:

  • Peak time walk-ins
  • Average time spent by customers
  • Identifying inventory stock-outs in real-time and alerting the manager
  • Observing staff behaviour
  • Sentiment analysis
  • Shop footfall
  • Demographic details such as age and gender
  • Repeat customer alerts
  • Percentage of customers walking out without a purchase
  • Heat maps on customer density
Super Markets and Convenience Stores

You can use our AI solution’s valuable insights to optimise your store operations, ensure customer satisfaction and keep your physical store relevant as online shopping options grow.

Our AI-driven technology tracks the unique needs of shoppers, their buying influences, as well the external factors that may have an impact on shopping choices and decisions.

The data-driven technology will drive in-store sales, using AI to personalise the in-store experience of your shoppers.

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Logistics and Warehouses

Waai Tek logistics AI and warehouse AI solutions can help automate  your warehouse or logistics centre by using computer vision and machine  learning to enhance operational efficiency and costs effectiveness.

Our solutions for logistics can help you to:
  • Asset utilisation
  • Dock utilisation
  • Truck turn-around-time (TAT)
  • Machine utilisation
  • Space utilisation
  • Yard management, enabling real-time visibility of vehicles at any given time, reducing the ageing cost of vehicles, optimising vehicle storage, and minimising the role of employees in vehicle tracking.

Our logistics AI and warehouse AI solutions can also integrate safety analytics to detect accidents and create virtual boundaries to separate the pathways for forklifts and pedestrians. Also included are real-time alarms and notifications to be raised when procedures are not adhered to, and near-misses are monitored based on predefined rules.

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Construction and Safety

Our solution offers face recognition based attendance system that uses the feed from CCTV cameras and deep machine learning. The system detects employees through facial recognition, counts the number of workers entering and exiting a construction site and detect safety compliance for the workers at the site.

The smart solution can also help detect vehicles moving in and out of a site by reading the vehicle number plate, detect a fire within ten seconds and generate alarm and notifications.

Buildings and Venues

Our AI and machine learning solution creates an immersive digital technology experience, merging human capability with AI. The computer vision application tracks and counts the number of people entering and exiting a room, building, event or conference to monitor and track density as well as high dwell times trough heat maps to track experiences.

By integrating this data with immersive content, we can help create digital experiences for your customers using digital signage and devices.

Our Content Management System – Digital Signage solution helps the following industries in managing their smart signage assets to add value to their business:

  • Automotive
  • Retail
  • Healthcare
  • Educational Establishments
  • Entertainment venues
  • Food and Beverage
  • Government
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We have developed a hyper-personalised smart signage solution bridging the gap between  digital signage, wayfinding and AI. The software has expanded to detect if attendees are maintaining social distancing and if visitors are wearing masks or not.