Artificial intelligence (AI) is revolutionising the world.

By using data to access value across business functions, the set of artificial intelligence and machine  learning technologies are transforming businesses and disrupting industries.

From your bank’s digital service to your telecommunication provider’s smart chatbot, AI is being scaled across industries at an enterprise level.


Based in the UAE, Waai Tek is an AI solutions company that  can empower your organisation to scale artificial intelligence for your business.

We implement innovative computer vision and smart solutions  to help your business reach its full potential by maximising your efficiency and productivity.

Our team of expert data scientists, engineers and innovators can accelerate your operational potential through customised AI and Internet of Things (IoT) solutions for your unique business challenges.

We work closely with you to empower your organisation to become an AI driven enterprise. Whether collaborating on operational areas or creating AI-led customer experiences, our AI and IoT solutions will empower your organisation to function more efficiently and respond faster to new business challenges.

Committed to the development and empowerment of the GCC  region as a global hub for technology and business, Waai Tek will work with you to bring your business into the 21st century and beyond.


To be the region’s leading provider of innovative and  customised AI , machine learning and computer vision solutions. To use our expertise and knowledge and develop innovative and profitable solutions to help businesses enhance their efficiency and productivity.


To inspire and enable global development through Artificial Intelligence technologies and lead the way into the AI future.

Why choose WAAI TEK
  • We are an innovation and business-driven technology provider.
  • We create and deliver smart solutions to enhance your business efficiency and productivity.
  • We are a team of data scientists, engineers and innovators – all  technology experts and business focussed.
  • We are based in and committed to the development of the GCC region  as a global hub for tech and business.
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