What We Do
WAAI TEK enhances business performance through AI

AI is fundamentally altering businesses. waai tek is leading the way to help businesses grow by integrating AI in their operations.

By using our innovative and customised solutions, you will create more agile and adaptive processes, and power better decision making to capture new opportunities.

We currently provide AI solutions to enhance your business performance:
Computer Vision

Our Enterprise Computer Vision works by accessing high-level information from digital images and videos through sophisticated machine-learning programs. This video analytics solution allows you to get real-time AI through your CCTV cameras.

waai tek uses this key pillar of AI to detect, categorise and analyse video feeds, to train the computer system through these models to automatically recognise patterns and detect objects.

This tangible and measurable data gives you the business intelligence to base
future commercial decisions on, leading to enhanced Return on Investment and business growth.

How can Computer Vision help your business grow?
Enterprise Ready

Personalised and adaptable to your existing infrastructure. Computer Vision can be deployed on-premises or synchronised with your Cloud.

Plug and Play

Computer Vision connects to any existing CCTV network to monitor performance, people, and assets at your premises.

User-Defined Alerts

With Computer Vision, you can analyse data in real-time and send alerts accordingly. This is useful for immediate notification on stock-outs in stores, fire alerts, security breach, noncompliance of safety measures, etc.


Computer Vision real-time personalised dashboards are available on Web, iOS and Android platforms.

Multichannel Streaming

Computer Vision has the ability to perform realtime identification and analysis of multiple video streams, analysing feeds from various CCTV simultaneously.

Scene Optimisation

Our Computer Vision solutions are not onemodel-fits-all. Every business merits individual solutions, and our solutions are customised and optimised for your business.

Smart Signage

Our Computer Vision Smart Signage Solution provides seamless navigation and parking for shopping malls, corporate and government buildings, school and university campuses, entertainment venues, stadiums and hospitals.

  • Welcome, guide and engage with visitors while promoting oers, activations and loyalty programs.
  • Integrated with our Computer Vision Analytics, the movement of visitors can be measured, and you can gain valuable insights on customer journeys.
  • This insight and information can be used to automate processes and improve business eciency

Our customised wayfinding solutions using AI make for a seamless hyper-personalised experience for your customers. Enhanced customer engagement is carried out using augmented reality wayfinding mobile device cameras and AI technology.
The enhanced overall visitor journey extends as far as navigating drivers to an available or pre-reserved parking space, to providing personalised directions for preregistered visitors.

Smart Kiosk

The Waai Tek Content Management Service Smart Solution streamlines the way you manage digital signage content across your network, helping you operate efficiently and grow rapidly.

If you have a network of digital screens that are underutilised or dicult to manage, we can help you unlock the power of digital signage by optimising its use and content.

The Waai Tek Content Management Service Solution will allows you to develop,organise, target, schedule and distribute content seamlessly, and then monitor and manage the displays that house them.

This will reduce the time and resources it takes to understand and operate complex digital signage solutions and remove inter-departmental barriers, such as between IT and Marketing, to get the right message to the right customer at the right time.

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