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Waai Tek launches enterprise AI solutions at seamless middle east 2020
      • Waai Tek launches full range of AI and machine learning services for companies at Seamless Middle East in Dubai
      • Services harness machine learning to help businesses improve efficiency and take advantage of business opportunities emerging as a result of rapid digitization amid COVID-19
      • Waai Tek aims to enable global development through AI and accelerate smart transformation in the UAE and Gulf region

Dubai, United Arab Emirates, 15 November 2020 – Dubai’s newest digital transformation company Waai Tek debuted its flagship suite of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning technologies today on the first day of Seamless Middle East 2020.

Inspired by Dubai’s citywide implementation of smart city solutions, Waai Tek’s mission is to empower organizations to accelerate their operational efficiency and productivity by harnessing the power of machine learning. The company also aims to help businesses and industries impacted by the pandemic to scale up their technological operations and capture the new business opportunities emerging as a result of the global shift to digitization amid COVID-19.

Waai Tek’s range of AI solutions include Internet of Things systems integration and Computer Vision, all of which are custom designed to suit specific business needs and fully combined with existing video monitoring and digital operating systems. The company specializes in Computer Vision technology, one of the key pillars of AI, which trains computers to interpret, categorise and extract high-dimensional data from digital images and video to automate tasks and produce information for human decision-making.

Speaking about the launch, Nita Odedra, Waai Tek’s Co-Founder and Director – Business Development, said: “Waai Tek’s mission is rooted in the principle that AI has the power to revolutionize all areas of business – a vision we are proud to share with our home market in the UAE. During these challenging times when organizations are scrambling to remain competitive, we saw how this powerful technology could help improve an organization’s operations efficiently and quickly. AI has the capability to provide companies with easily understandable business intelligence that will help them make quick decisions about commercial opportunities, which will lead to enhanced returns on investment and long-term growth. This belief is what underpins our vision and how we want to help companies to make an impact through AI in the UAE and across the Middle East, especially in crucial industries such as logistics and warehousing, manufacturing, hospitality and retail.”

The UAE aims to become world leaders in AI by 2031 in line with the country’s National Program for Artificial Intelligence, with the sector expected to contribute close to 14% of the UAE’s economy by 2030 according to a study by PwC. Dubai aims to become the smartest city in the world and is actively integrating AI into government services and city experiences through its Smart Dubai initiative.

Nita Odedra continued: “We are very excited to have the opportunity to launch our full range of AI solutions at Seamless Middle East in Dubai, a dynamic city in an innovative nation that is at the forefront of thinking around how AI and technological disruption can transform cities for the benefit of residents and visitors. Waai Tek looks forward to contributing our expertise to this forward thinking mission and building the AI capabilities of companies across the Gulf region.”

Waai Tek is based in Dubai and has been launched as the latest initiative by UAE-based commercial and industrial equipment pioneer Blue Rhine Industries. Waai Tek is exhibiting at the 2020 edition of Seamless Middle East from 16-17 November 2020 at Dubai World Trade Centre